Helping Families Since 1999

To identify families in need, we rely on referrals from the community. Your referral of a family in need is one of the most important parts of helping us to accomplish our mission.

Our Application Process

Anyone, including medical professionals, parents or legal guardians, or an individual may refer someone for assistance. We contact the referred individual and provide them with our formal application.

When a completed, formal application is received, someone from our organization will contact the person to schedule an interview at their home. We use this visit to obtain more information, as well as determine what type of assistance is needed.

Following our visit, the application is reviewed by our selection committee. This committee reviews each application to determine whether Angels on Assignment can provide assistance and the types of assistance to be provided. The selection committee submits their recommendation to the entire organization for approval.

If the applicant is approved for assistance, someone from the organization will contact them.

All medical information is considered confidential and is not discussed with outside parties unless it is required for the type of assistance requested and the individual or the child's parent(s) or guardian(s) have given consent.

What can be requested?

We consider any request for assistance and try to offer the help that fits the specific situation. Because everyones illness and family is different, we try to customize our help to address each unique situation. In the past, we have helped with:

  • assisting with health, medical, and travel expenses;
  • assisting with meal preparation and house cleaning on treatment days; and
  • providing emotional support with "fun days away from illness."

Who is eligible?

Any individual within our geographical area of coverage with a seriously ill family member is eligible to submit an application for assistance. We serve the areas in the south suburbs of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

Could you, or someone you know, use an Angel?

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Angels on Assignment
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