Helping Families Since 1999

We are helping a 42-year old woman with breast cancer AND lung cancer, and another 43-year old woman with breast cancer.  We are providing co-pays for medication, doctor visits, and gas cards for their trips for treatments.


We helped with lodging for a family to stay in Maryland for over 5 weeks as their son was being treated for a rare brain tumor at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center.


When a 9-year old boy was diagnosed with brain cancer, we provided gas cards for their multiple trips to Chicago.  We also sent them on a memorable fun family night to a WWE wrestling event in a limo.


We helped a family with a 1-year old boy who had 20 surgeries on his stomach from a perforated bowel.


We sent an 11-year old boy to a special camp for the deaf.


We helped fund a ramp for a 10-year old boy with an inoperable brain tumor.


When a 19-year-old boy was severely injured in a car accident and lost the use of his arms and legs, Angels helped to provide a handicapped accessible van for him and help to make the home wheelchair accessible.


We helped a teenage boy with a cancerous tumor wrapped around his spine.  With only 4 hospitals in the US that could treat him, we provided housing, food, and much needed family fun time for him during his 2 months of daily radiation treatments.


Following a severe bout with a virus, a 5-year old girl had a heart transplant. While the 5 year old had surgery and recovered, her family lived in Chicago for 2 months. Angels helped provide the family with groceries, house cleaning services, as well as miscellaneous expenses.


When his mother lost her income, Angels helped provide the family with groceries and medication for a 17-year old boy with severe diabetes.


As a father struggled with severe diabetes and numerous surgeries, his family needed many things, but most of all — FUN. Angels provided several gift certificates to restaurants and family fun places to give them some good times together.


After suffering 3rd degree burns on his chest and neck, a 7 year old boy was hospitalized for 3 weeks. In addition, the 7 year old will need to go to physical therapy 3 times per week for several years. Angels helped with out-of-pocket expenses and purchased holiday gifts for the 4 children in the family.



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